Travelling on a business jet? Here are some planning tips!

Travelling on a business jet? Here are some planning tips!

If you need to visit several destinations in a short amount of time, there’s no better solution than chartered air transport.


Many Quebec-based companies own plants and facilities throughout North America. To reach all these sites, a fast and efficient solution like chartered air transport is needed.


Here’s a list of 10 things to keep in mind when planning business-related travel with business jets.

1. Destinations:Take the time to compile a list of all your destinations and discuss it with one of our advisors so we can help you establish the most economical itinerary.

2. Size of your team: You’ll need to provide a list of all the people who will be travelling. You must also ensure that any travellers to the United States have a valid passport or visa. The number of people in your group partly determines which aircraft can be used (based on minimum capacity).

3. Type of aircraft:A fast and modern aircraft will be chosen to ensure the safety of your employees and maximize cost effectiveness. We also recommend taking out customized insurance for your company.

4. Flight time and ground time:Remember to schedule in flight time as well as ground time for boarding and road transport to your final destination.

5. Last-minute changes:When visiting multiple destinations for business, it’s not uncommon to have to change plans at the last minute. A chartered flight service allows you to adapt your travel schedule to your evolving needs.
6. Customs:If your itinerary includes stops in the United States, customs rules must be followed upon departure and arrival. This means choosing airports that provide customs services. Our team specializes in managing customs requirements for travellers.
7. Meals:To save time on your next flight, book your in-flight meals in advance (available in some flight segments). Don’t forget to specify any individual preferences and dietary restrictions.

8. Accommodation:Some stops may require an overnight booking, meaning you need to consider each traveller’s accommodation needs based on your schedule and destinations. Let our representatives quickly handle of all your accommodation needs for you.

9. Staying connected:It’s important to set aside time in your travel schedule to follow up with head office (phone calls, fax, e-mails, etc.). Also consider whether you’ll need some space to hold meetings with members of your team.

10. Comprehensive service:Vinci Aviation gives you peace of mind by helping you plan and by following up on your itinerary. Your advisor will keep your head office informed of your itinerary in real time and will be available to address a wide range of needs.


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