Maximizing value while reducing costs

At Vinci Aviation, our aircraft management service based in Mirabel is designed to maximize value while reducing costs for our clients. Mirabel’s location provides more favorable logistics and lower operational costs, resulting into savings. This strategic positioning allows for quicker turnaround times and less congested airspace, ensuring smoother operations. We focus on delivering personalized, efficient solutions that ensure the highest levels of operational excellence and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise allows aircraft owners to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the complexities of daily operations, providing peace of mind and significant savings.

Flight Operation

Vinci Aviation sets itself apart by offering a unique personal portal for clients. This innovative feature allows you to make live requests, schedule flights, and consolidate your data in one place. Additionally, it provides timely notifications about upcoming flights, enhancing convenience and ensuring you stay informed every step of the way. This tailored approach emphasizes Vinci’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service and support.


Vinci Aviation, leveraging the expertise and facilities of Nolinor Aviation, is equipped to offer comprehensive heavy maintenance services for your aircraft. This partnership ensures access to top-tier maintenance capabilities, enabling Vinci to handle extensive repairs, overhauls, and modifications with exceptional precision and efficiency, guaranteeing your aircraft meets the highest standards of safety and performance.


Vinci Aviation’s concierge service offers personalized ground transportation and catering options to enhance your travel experience. Through the client portal, requests for these services can be submitted in real-time, ensuring your preferences are met with precision and care.

Crew management

Vinci Aviation offers comprehensive crew management services, guaranteeing that each flight is staffed with experienced and professional personnel. This includes managing crew schedules, training, and ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Vinci is there to find your aircraft the best team and manage it for you every step of the way.


Vinci Aviation is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and security, aligning with the BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) framework. This commitment ensures that all operational practices meet or exceed the rigorous safety benchmarks set by the industry, providing clients with utmost confidence in their travel security.

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