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Learjet 45 Private jet

The Learjet 45 is a small private jet offering the smoothest and quietest flying experience in its category. It has eight pivoting, multi-angle reclining seats that can also be arranged in a four-seat club configuration. It’s a perfect environment to have a conversation or to be productive between two meetings.


The cabin has a relaxed and luxurious feel. Its open concept has the optimal seat configuration for personal or business travel. The space is light and bright thanks to the sheen of its leather seats and the shiny cabin dome.

Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to comfort in this aircraft. Sophistication is apparent in every element of the cabin, from seatbelts to light switch button.

The cabin has a full bar in the front stocked with the very best bottles and a variety of snacks. The washroom is located at the back of the cabin.

Flight Experience

The Learjet 45 provides unparalleled flight stability. Its motors are located at the back, guaranteeing a comfortable sound environment. The various parts of the aircraft combine to provide a relaxed, steady flight.

When you board, you will discover a bright space crafted with care. Takeoff highlights the success of the jet’s design—the acceleration and rapid ascent feels like an arrow shooting through the sky. During the flight stage, you can truly appreciate the cabin’s comfortable setup, and will be surprised at how easy it is to talk with your guests without having to raise your voice. The landing is always pleasant and elegant, even when surface winds are strong.


Cruise speed: 950 km/ h (520 kts)
Ascent: 2,800 feet per minute
Cruising altitude: 51,000 feet
Fuel range: 3,704 km (2,000 nautical miles)
Capacity: 8 passengers
Baggage space: 50 cubic feet
Dimensions: wing span 14.57 metres (47 feet + 10 inches)
Crew: 2 professional pilots.

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