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Vinci offers the refinement, comfort, reliability and safety that only a private airplane can provide.

In this time of increased safety procedures, private aviation allows you to travel with the greatest peace of mind. Vinci offers a much higher level of comfort, luxury and privacy on the aircraft.

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Fast, reliable and safe

Vinci has air transportation solutions via private jet for a variety of clients. Vinci offers you a personalized service, a spotless safety record and years of experience, for a travel experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our charter experts are available 24/7 to organize your flight and provide you with personalized access to the private jet experience.

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Why choose Vinci?


Your own personal representative

From the first contact to the choice of onboard meals, not to mention any last-minute changes, your representative is available 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you every step of the way to arrange your flight.


Safety and discretion

The advantages of a private flight during this period of instability have become essential to your health and safety. Choosing Vinci guarantees respect for your privacy and increased safety during your trip. With Vinci, you share your private plane only with people you choose and know.


Comfort and refinement

Flying and travelling should be first and foremost a pleasure, and our team is at your disposal to make your onboard experience truly comfortable and memorable.


Personalized itinerary

Unlike commercial airlines, Vinci arranges your flight itinerary based on your schedule. The departure time and place are selected to suit your needs.


Access to more airports

Vinci takes you to destinations that commercial airlines don’t serve. Private planes can access smaller, more remote airports, reducing travel time and possible connections.


Private terminals

Private aviation does business with private terminals, far from the congested commercial zone in the airport. The number of people passing through is much smaller, so you can avoid waiting lines and unnecessary delays. You just have to show up a few minutes before the departure time that you have set yourself. In just 10 minutes, we’ll take care of your luggage and invite you to board.

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