Choosing your mask for air travel

Life slowly resumes its course. In the upcoming days, we will see the borders of certain countries reopen and many of you will travel by plane, either for work, to visit your loved ones in another country or simply for pleasure.


In any case, you will need to have a face mask which will be mandatory to wear throughout your transit in the aircraft if you can’t maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from others. So how do you choose the right mask?


Our flight attendants have tested a dozen of non-medical masks manufactured in Quebec and here is, in addition to government requirements, their conclusion for optimal comfort:

  • A thin modular metal strip in the top seam keeps the mask in place. Without this, it tends to go down frequently.

  • A mask that attaches behind the head with knots requires more manipulation and dexterity. Avoid this type if you want to remove it frequently in situation of social distancing.

  • A cotton fiber mask will feel cooler than a mask made with a fabric containing synthetic fibers.

  • If you choose a mask that attaches behind the ears, opt for an adjustable length. A loop too short will hurt your ears while a too long one will not keep the mask in place.
  • Those who wear glasses should opt for a mask with a rather thin behind-the-ear attach as well as a modular metal band at the nose. In this way, they will be able to secure the mask on their nose in a place lower than the seat of their glasses, thus creating less fogging.


It is possible to be creative while respecting government requirements for your safety and the safety of others. Have fun choosing your mask for your next plane trip, there are so many options!


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