Change of guard

Vinci Aviation passes the torch to the Travel agency Vinci (also called Vinci Voyages).

“We came to this decision to better clarify our activities. Vinci Aviation will be able to focus on the purchase, sale and leasing of aircraft, “said the president of Aviation Vinci Mr. Marco Prud’homme .


We give a chance to a new entity called Vinci Travel to use the brand ” Vinci “. This agency will provide more choice, more destinations and more services than Vinci Aviation could. In this sense , Vinci Voyages is a travel agency that can better meet the needs of local businesses . Vinci Voyages offer brokerage services to assist companies to obtain an optimal solution for their air travel needs.


We are confident that the new travel agency chaired by Dominique Prud’homme will offer the same level of service. Vinci Aviation has no stake in Vinci Voyages.


Several changes are therefore expected in the coming weeks for this phase transition. Starting February 13th 2014, Vinci Voyages take control of the website and its content.