10 economic benefits of chartered flights

Whether you are a director or project manager, when it comes to air travel, you must be able to justify your decisions financially.

Beyond the obvious benefits that chartered flights offer to passengers, here is a list of the 10 most important financial benefits of chartered flights, to help you appreciate the economic benefits of our services even more.


Flight times: With our chartered flight service, you can determine the optimal departure time to avoid traffic jams at both your departure and destination. This flexibility also allows you to reduce your wait time between your landing time and the start of your business agenda at destination. This reduction in time wasted in transit means you also get to reduce your overall working hours.


Avoid terminals: Airport terminals are too often a considerable waste of time. Our chartered flight service allows your team to avoid this circus by using private terminals (FBO), which typically border airports.


Free parking: Private terminals (FBO) allow you to not only reduce your wait time, but also your parking expenses, as most private terminals offer free parking.


Number of passengers: The more passengers you add to your chartered flight, the more you save. A simple comparison of regular airline rates and those of our chartered flights should suffice to justify your choosing our chartered flight service.


Flight duration: The faster your plane, the less time spent travelling… and the more you save. Among chartered taxi flights, the two main types of aircrafts used are private jets and propeller aircrafts. We mainly offer chartered flight services using private jets, which are faster and fly at higher altitudes (more comfortable flights).


Flexibility: The use of a regular airline means you must ensure that your schedule fits that of the airline. If you have a last-minute change in schedule, our air taxi services will easily adapt to your new schedule, without penalty.


Accommodations: For certain destinations, regular airline schedules impose restrictions that force you to extend your stay at your destination. With our services, you can bypass these restrictions, and thus save on your meals and accommodation expenses. In addition to saving those fees, you also save on your employees’ remote premiums.


Productivity: Aboard our aircrafts, your team can work in private and feel free to discuss business projects without having to worry about a nearby competitor. You can therefore make your time more profitable, and thereby increase your productivity.


Avoid baggage losses: Far be it from us to speak against airport terminals, but unfortunately baggage loss is a harsh reality. A chartered flight allows you to stay in touch with your luggage to reduce not only the risk of a material loss, but also your stress level.


Peace of mind: Our chartered flight service goes beyond taking you from point A to point B by seeing to all your needs (corporate shuttle, meals, conference room, accommodations). Our service offers turnkey solutions to save you time and to allow you to focus on the real business at hand.