Charter flight, an aircraft for every need

Not always easy to find the right type of aircraft, Vinci offers a short guide to help you.

In terms of charter flight, the Greater Montreal Area 36 does not offer many solutions, it is easy to quickly identify the best option available to you regarding charter flight. The main factors to consider are your time, budget, safety and destination airport.

Time: Your availability will sometimes be the key factor in determining the type of aircraft required for your needs. If you have all the time in the world, why hurry? If, however, you must be in two places at the same time, you should opt for a faster plane (Jet aircraft / Learjet or Citation).

Budget: Time is money, so if your time is valuable you must choose a faster transport solution (jet). Otherwise, if your budget is limited, it is possible that your priority is to reduce your expenses. In this sense, it is perhaps even suggested (but unlikely) to consider taking a scheduled flight. If you consider all costs (salaries, travel expenses, parking, etc..), then your most economical option will be a charter flight.

Security: Travel back in time does not necessarily mean traveling in an aircraft that has outlived its usefulness. For the adventurous a vintage aircraft will always have a romantic character, for others, it is permissible to ask the year of manufacture of the aircraft that you are offered and opt for a newer model (year of manufacture 2000 or more).

Destination airport: Despite all your good will, if your final destination is found in a remote location, it is possible that the runway conditions at destinations greatly influences your choice. If the runway is gravel paved, know that your best option is a turboprop aircraft (King Air or PC-12).

To help you choose the right type of aircraft, simply contact us.