5 reasons to choose a charter flight

For those who have never used a charter flight, here is a short list of 5 benefits that should not be overlooked.

Regulars charter flights will tell you that it is obvious to choose a private flight (especially jet), for others here is the list of 10 factors to consider.


Save Time: With a charter flight service, you are in control of the schedule. No more wasting time at airports and with a private jet you can save even more with shorter flight.


Private terminals (FBOs): Forget the airport terminals worthy of horror films, with a charter service, you have access to private terminals. Private terminals (FBOs) also allow you to save on parking fees. No more shuttles filled to overflowing.


Your own plane: On a charter flight you are master on board, you invite who you want, eat what you want and you enjoy the wine of your choice in a more comfortable atmosphere than regular lines.


Turnkey: Our charter flight service goes beyond simply moving from point A to point B. In Vinci, we take care of all your needs (corporate shuttle, meals, conference facilities, accommodation). With a charter flight service turnkey save you the hassle and time.


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